In lines with technology trends, we have built our Solutions portfolio to enable businesses retain an edge in the market place. We will continue to invest in new technology trends and value add to our customers' requirements.
Information Security
Over the years, most of the Information, official or personal, is captured in Silicon chips & Magnetic spindles. These are connected to global networks in some or other form. As it has become more & more easy to digitize, store & access any kind of information, it has become more & more vulnerable to all kinds of theft, abuse, compromise, alteration, exposure or even deletion!

We at Wavepac, are committed to providing end to end solutions towards your organization's Information Security requirements. Our Information Security practice comprises of Proactive, Reactive and Periodic procedures to be executed in consultation with our Consultants while augmenting the skills of your internal teams so that they can handle these independently in due course of time. more...
Enterprise Mobility

Everything which was on Desktops & Laptops is bound to go to Smartphones & Tablets. With so many new Mobile Devices & Mobile OS versions being launched regularly and consumers expecting everything to be available on these Mobile devices, businesses have to depend on robust Mobile Apps development Tools & developers in helping them keep in tune with the Mobility trends.

We at Wavepac provide Mobile Apps Development Platform (MADP) as well as Mobile Apps Development services. The platform sets your long term strategy towards B2C & B2E Apps development as well as EMM. However, if you want to start with some urgent, quick & Short term Apps development for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, we can help you with that as well. more...