Over the years, most of the Information, official or personal, is captured in Silicon chips & Magnetic spindles. These are connected to global networks in some or other form. As it has become more & more easy to digitize, store & access any kind of information, it has become more & more vulnerable to all kinds of theft, abuse, compromise, alteration, exposure or even deletion!  Hence, with all such Cyber attacks & crimes, we cannot stay away from Securing our Information, it is becoming one of our basic Needs!


We at Wavepac, are committed to providing end to end solutions towards your organization's Information Security requirements. Our Information Security practice comprises of Proactive, Reactive and Periodic procedures to be executed in consultation with our Consultants while augmenting skills of your internal teams so that they can handle these independently in due course of time. We further value add by conducting periodic Audits, compare with Baselines and help in taking corrective actions. Our offerings towards Information Security include the following.

Application Security Managed Services

With the cyberthreat landscape constantly growing and applications being central to digital businesses, application security is more important now than ever before. Majority of today’s applications result into Web & Mobile access to internal & external users and are prime target for hackers. Hence, it’s important to carry out continuous Security Assessment of Applications at all stages of SDLC.


Our Application Security Platform & Managed Services provide all of the services required to secure the entire software development lifecycle. From solutions for the security team to fast and accurate products for developers in DevOps environments, we help organizations enjoy all of the benefits of digital transformation without the security headaches. more...

Brand Protection

As the businesses & individuals around the globe are embracing Digital solutions for every aspect of life, hackers are gearing up to challenge this through ever increasing attacks with Phishing, Spoofing, Identity Theft, Device/App Compromise and financial transactions & activities manipulation. These attempts are on the rise and this is creating a very scary scenario for businesses & individuals risking brand reputation, financial losses as well as Data compromise.

Hackers have become more organized in these attempts and follow a complete lifecycle approach from Planning & Targeting to Setup & Launch to Exploit & Cash out phases to make these attempts look real. more...

Information Security Awareness & Phishing Campaigns

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and there are many different types of cyber-attacks launched across a range of different sized organizations. Although hacks of multinational conglomerates are the most widely reported on, attacks levelled at small and medium sized businesses are also on the rise, with hackers looking to exploit the weaker cybersecurity at these organizations.


Some of the most common attacks aimed at businesses of all sizes are phishing, viruses and ransomware, with phishing emails proving the most successful. But often the knowledge of these forms of cyberattacks at small or medium sized businesses is negligible. While businesses might be reluctant to invest heavily in cybersecurity infrastructure, they will be relieved to hear that often it's human error the weakest link. more...

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management is extremely complex and critical in managing security risks. Effective IAM can help organizations achieve operating efficiency and optimal security through state of the art technology and automation such as risk based, adaptive, multi-factor and biometric authentication.

IAM requires robust processes & system for user onboarding and identity verification, granting and removing access, detecting suspicious activities and keeping unauthorized users out of the systems. Organizations must also demonstrate effective measures towards these to comply with increasing, complex and distributed regulations.  more...

A public key infrastructure (PKI) is a set of roles, policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and revoke digital certificates and manage public-key encryption. 

In cryptography, a PKI is an arrangement that binds public keys with respective identities of entities (like people and organizations). The binding is established through a process of registration and issuance of certificates at and by a certificate authority (CA). Depending on the assurance level of the binding, this may be carried out by an automated process or under human supervision. more...
Information Security Consulting & Services

Apart from investment in Information Security products & solutions, setting up robust policies and periodic assessment of security posture of IT Infrastructure & Applications is of paramount importance. Through our Information Security Consulting & Services, we offer following services to organizations helping them ensure the strong Security posture of their IT environment.

Our Information Security Services are provided as a combination of Onsite & Offsite services model. These Services can be offered on Project basis as well as in the form of Annual contracts depending on the type & scope of service. more...