Low Productivity, Absenteeism, Inadequate skills, Excuses, Sick/Annual leave replacements, Hiring Challenges, Supervision issues - these are common issues in IT departments at most of the organizations.  Further, Overheads & Indirect costs ride heavily above employee salaries. All these factors take away quality time of CIOs & Senior Managers making them spend late evenings & weekends in office while struggling to cope up with their most important responsibilities towards organization's business Objectives.

Wavepac brings in its years of expertise in this area by offering skilled IT resources and take away all the burden of CIOs & Senior Managers, helping them devote quality time to organization's Business goals as well as to their families. We ensure to have our engineers well trained in the required areas of Technology, Customer Services, Customer Satisfaction, Quality Delivery, Timely Delivery as well as relevant Industry standards towards processes such as ITIL & ITSM. These sessions conducted prior to deployment as well as on regular basis, gear them up towards providing real value addition to customers as part of this Outsourcing arrangement. Some of the benefits customers can derive from this offering are as follows:

  • Availability of skilled IT Manpower resources in the areas of Help Desk, IT Support, Data-center Administration, Network & Telecom Administration, Information Security Management, Database Administration, Oracle, .Net, SharePoint, Web, Mobile Apps development as well as Project, Program & Portfolio management
  • Short Term & Long term resource deployments; Onsite, offsite or combination of Onsite & Offsite
  • Avoidance of problems associated with recruitment, training & retention of people
  • Get relieved of functions related to Visa, Labor, Medical tests, Insurance, HR, Administration, Salary processing, Leave management, Air Bookings, Reimbursements, Tool kits etc. related to IT Manpower
  • Improved IT users' productivity & Satisfaction
  • Faster resolution to IT related incidents
  • Improved Business systems availability

Please contact us for further details & discussion. We look forward to reducing your burden towards IT resources.