Digital Wallets

Our Digital Wallet Solutions help banks offer their customers the most convenient way to pay for day to day spending. This also helps banks' customers in planning & controlling spending while securing cash in hand from getting fully exposed to financial frauds. Further, integrating these wallets with CASA & Credit cards, provides great level of flexibility to customers in managing their finances.


We leverage our Motif Dynamic engine along with various modes provided by global leaders to implement these scalable & flexible Wallet solutions. Customers can plan their priorities based on the user profile mix & roll out as and when required. We can help banks implement Digital Wallets in following ways.


EDW (Emirates Digital Wallet), this can be implemented in 2 ways;

  • In App Wallet by integrating EDW SDKs in Mobile Banking App

Very convenient for customers, no need to download separate App, More complex implementation


  • Separate Wallet App by integrating key backend functionalities in Mobile Baking App

Offers similar functionality but as a separate App, Customers must download & register for separate Wallet App, Simple to implement


Proximity (contactless) payment solution

  • Implemented as an issuer-mWallets as well as ApplePay and SamsungPay tokenisation
  • Features full support of HCE, DSRP and MPQR payments
  • Is fully integrated with MasterCard MDES and Visa VTS for tokenisation, and Masterpass & Visa Checkout for mCommerce payments


HCE Payments

  • mWallet SDK or White label mWallet app
  • C-Less Payment with device unlocked (default wallet, default card)
  • C-Less Payment with wallet and card selection
  • User, Device & Card Enrolment
  • Fully Integrated with Visa VTS and MasterCard MDES


Apple Pay/Samsung Pay, there are multiple options to digitize a card into an Apple Wallet App, or a Samsung Pay App:

  • Through Apple Wallet, by acquiring the card with the camera (OTP required)
  • Through call center (OTP Required)
  • The best option, recommended by OEMs is through the Mobile Banking App
    • Brand value, Trusted domain
    • Seamless experience (no barriers)
  • Our platform integrates with Bank, Visa, Mastercard, Apple/Samsung to fulfil the provisioning of the card:
    • Mobile SDK
    • Server-side plugins