Financial industry has been at the forefront of adopting Information Technology for all its business functions. This has immensely benefitted financial institutions as well as their customers. From Retail to Corporate to Investment sectors of Financial industry has adopted technology to extend their reach and offer more scalable business solutions to the customers.

In the past 3 decades, banking industry has transformed completely from traditional banking operations to Electronic processing at all levels & Digitizing customer facing channels, enabling anytime & anywhere banking. Wavepac offers some of these solutions to the banks and has created long term partnership with such customers by bringing in relevant solutions on continuous basis.

Digital Banking

Our Omni-channel Digital Banking Solution helps banks serve their customers through Web & Mobile Channels efficiently & with ease. The customized & focused Web & Mobile Apps for Retail, SME or Corporate customers can all be hosted on the same platform (in premise or in cloud). Further, the platform can be leveraged to host other Apps of the banks (internal or external).


The platform further extends the capability to host Digital Wallets, Utility Payment System and Customer Engagement for Loyalty & Rewards, thus reducing technology complexity & day to day operations related issues. The salient features of our Digital Banking Solution include the following. more...

Digital Wallets

Our Digital Wallet Solutions help banks offer their customers the most convenient way to pay for day to day spending. This also helps banks' customers in planning & controlling spending while securing cash in hand from getting fully exposed to financial frauds. Further, integrating these wallets with CASA & Credit cards, provides great level of flexibility to customers in managing their finances.


We leverage our Motif Dynamic engine along with various modes provided by global leaders to implement these scalable & flexible Wallet solutions. Customers can plan their priorities based on the user profile mix & roll out as and when required. more...

Utility Bill Payment System

Built on our Motif Dynamic Engine, our Utility Bill Payment system is quite scalable to be utilized by Banks, Bill payment & aggregator companies and Enterprise organizations. It can be integrated with Digital Channels for seamless experience for customers while extending even to PoS systems/Kiosks. On the backend, it can be integrated to Billers directly or through any aggregator.


With the support of multiple operating systems & databases, it provides extensive logging & reporting capabilities. The administrative features for routine tasks further make it quite easy to use and manage end to end flow. more...

MADP (Mobile Applications Development Platform)

Everything which was on Desktops & Laptops is bound to go to Smartphones & Tablets. With so many new Mobile Devices & Mobile OS versions being launched regularly and consumers expecting everything to be available on these Mobile devices, businesses have to depend on robust Mobile Apps development Tools & developers in helping them keep in tune with the Mobility trends.

We at Wavepac provide MADP as well as Mobile Apps Development services. The platform sets your long term strategy towards B2C, B2B & B2E Apps development as well as EMM. However, if you want to start with some urgent more...