Utility Bill Payment System

Built on our Motif Dynamic Engine, our Utility Bill Payment system is quite scalable to be utilized by Banks, Bill payment & aggregator companies and Enterprise organizations. It can be integrated with Digital Channels for seamless experience for customers while extending even to PoS systems/Kiosks. On the backend, it can be integrated to Billers directly or through any aggregator.


With the support of multiple operating systems & databases, it provides extensive logging & reporting capabilities. The administrative features for routine tasks further make it quite easy to use and manage end to end flow. Some of the salient features of this system are as follows.

  • Capable to interact with any protocol to external systems
  • Has all the business logic to manage all required billers’ processes
  • Schedule payments on a particular date
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Retrieve past payment histories
  • Generate channel wise MIS Reports, such as number of monthly transactions, number of users registered etc.
  • Administer services though a web-based admin application
  • Retry failed/timeout transaction with the service provider without duplication
  • Initiate online reversal transactions
  • Adequate logging mechanisms for tracking the request & responses for each request
  • Availability of UBP services dashboard, possible to disable billers any time
  • System exports all data through ETL that can be consumed by any reporting tool for variety of reports
  • Supported on Linux/Windows environments with databases such as Oracle, MS SQL & MySQL