Managed Services

As organizations grow, the routine tasks are faced with the challenges of Performance issues, Process shortcomings, ever challenging Management tools & exceeding timelines! This just keeps increasing and IT management is unable to devote quality time to new initiatives & strategic projects, most of the CIOs & Senior IT Managers spend late evenings & weekends due to these challenges. 

We at Wavepac help organizations come out of this never ending story by setting strategy to outsource routine IT services in the form of Managed Services model. The model revolves around & comprises of People, Processes, Tools & SLA. Once adopted, your routine tasks will transform to strategic periodic review mechanisms and relieve you to focus on Strategic projects and bring out new initiatives. The model offers following benefits:

  • Skilled IT Manpower resources deployed & managed by IT Managed Services providers
  • Robust IT Service Management processes defined, documented, practiced and regularly reviewed by the IT Managed Services providers
  • Existing or new IT Service Management tools deployed, configured, maintained & operated by IT Managed Services providers
  • A whole set of Service Levels mapped to your business environment and adhered to by IT Managed Services providers
  • Periodic & Online reports and Dashboards to get you the pulse of your IT Services posture at any moment of time
  • Pay as per Service Levels achievement not as per number of people & tools deployed
  • Reduced IT manpower overheads.
  • Avoidance of problems associated with recruitment, training & retention of people
  • Get relieved of functions related to Visa, Labor, Medical tests, Insurance, HR, Administration, Salary processing, Leave management, Air Bookings, Reimbursements, Tool kits etc. related to IT Manpower
  • Improved IT users' productivity & Satisfaction
  • Faster resolution to IT related incidents
  • Improved Business systems availability

This model can be applied to any function of IT, let it be IT Help desk, IT Support, Data-center Administration, Information Security, Network & Telecom Administration, Database Administration, Applications Administration OR a combination of some of them OR all of them together.

The Model can be Onsite, a combination of Onsite+Offsite or Offsite. While the first & second provide end to end IT Managed Services coverage, in the case of third one, some mechanism of onsite services need to be worked out.

We can help you;
  • Analyze existing environment & perform Gap analysis in lines with expected deliverables mapped to business objectives
  • Identify possible bottlenecks & Define the requirement for IT Managed Services in the form of RFP
  • Evaluate & choose suitable IT managed Services providers
  • Formulate overall functional model in lines with ITSM framework along with IT Managed Service providers
  • Define Service Levels Terms and Commercial model including Rewards, Penalties & Payment terms
  • Ensure smooth transition to Managed Services model
  • Establish periodic Monitoring & Review mechanism
  • Provide overall Program Management

Please contact us for further details & discussion. We look forward to helping you in setting your IT Managed Services model.