IT DR & BCP Consulting


Electricity doesn't shut off regularly, Fire doesn't break out every other day, Earthquakes do not occur so often! But these unpredictable things do happen once in a while and can cause complete disaster to the businesses' IT setup bringing them to a halt! Thanks to technology, with various means & techniques, we can plan to recover from IT related disasters from a few seconds to few hours!

Wavepac offers IT DR consultancy services enabling businesses plan for their IT services to continue in a short time from some other location if any disaster situations prevent IT systems to function from the main location. With the variety of options available, we will take you through your journey to the maturity of IT DR. As part of our services, we offer the following.

  • IT Services Impact Analysis
  • Consolidation of IT Infrastructure, Applications & Databases
  • Documentation of IT Inventory, Functional & Installation details
  • Selection & preparation of DR site
  • IT Systems & Applications Replication strategy & processes
  • IT Systems & Applications Recovery procedures
  • DR site operational guidelines
  • Periodic DR Drills process and Analysis
  • Periodic Audits to ensure IT DR functionality & readiness

Please contact us for further details & discussion. We look forward to contributing to your DR strategy.