Budget overruns, extensive Delays, poor Quality, Disagreement between stakeholders are all heard of quite often in IT projects. And all these are result of faltering on basic fundamentals viz. Proper planning, Timely tracking, Being transparent, Raising alarm on time, Engaging in stakeholders, Efficient communication, Efficient Risk management and Quality Assurance at each level. In order to overcome these issues, Certified, Skilled & Committed professionals are required to manage Project, Programs & Portfolios.

Wavepac in coordination with its specialized partners in these areas offers these services on short term, long term as well as scope basis. Depending on the Size, Solution & Technology, suitable Project, Program & Portfolio managers are allocated. These professionals ensure to follow the complete project life cycle in lines with PMI guidelines and provide timely updates to the customer management while highlighting any expected Risks, delays or disruption well in time.

Further, our professionals can help setup PMO, establish Enterprise Project Management Applications & infrastructure in lines with customers' business objectives and mapping all concerned stakeholders.

Please contact us for further details & discussion. We look forward to streamlining your project lifecycle.