Total Fraud Protection

As the businesses & individuals around the globe are embracing Digital solutions for every aspect of life, hackers are gearing up to challenge this through ever increasing attacks with Phishing, Spoofing, Identity Theft, Device/App Compromise and financial transactions & activities manipulation. These attempts are on the rise and this is creating a very scary scenario for businesses & individuals risking brand reputation, financial losses as well as Data compromise.

Hackers have become more organized in these attempts and follow a complete lifecycle approach from Planning & Targeting to Setup & Launch to Exploit & Cash out phases to make these attempts look real. Hence, it has become important to monitor the complete lifecycle of Hackers’ activities and take these down immediately along with strong controls as follows.


Anti-Phishing Managed Services


  • Detect the registration of Similar Looking Domains & take down the fraudulent ones
  • Detect Website scraping & take down the duplicate websites
  • Monitor Social Media for fake profiles & malicious mentions & take down quickly
  • Monitor Dark Web looking for compromised credit/debit card data to proactively mitigate impact after breaches
  • Detect Rogue Mobile Apps on fake stores & take these down



DMARC Monitoring & Advisory Services


  • Implement efficiently and leverage DMARC Authentication to Strengthen Email Security
  • Gain 24/7/365 Email Spoofing Visibility and Analytics
  • Decrease Fraudulent Email Delivery by Over 99%
  • Restore Trust with Consumers
  • Embedded phishing URLs, malware links & rogue mobile apps can be analyzed and deactivated
  • We train your email administrators to quickly identify valid senders, quarantine scammers and provide valuable insight into the corporate threat environment



Mobile Fraud Protection


  • Protection from Targeted attacks – Man-in-the-Middle, Overlay (App Spoofing), Pharming & Repackaged Apps
  • Risk Assessment factors – Rooted/Jailbroken Detection, Debugger & Emulator Detection, DNS Infection, Device Face Down, Unsecure Networks, App Tampering
  • Persistent DeviceID, even if the App is uninstalled & reinstalled
  • Can be used to leverage risk associated with Transaction & Activity monitoring and authentication requirements
  • Can proactively notify organizations of unsafe users and devices to block or monitor activities within Transaction monitoring system



Multifactor Authentication


  • Make the transition away from passwords, hardware tokens and SMS OTP to frictionless mobile authentication factors like push notifications and biometrics
  • Biometric technology that integrates your customers’ individual physical attributes, including their fingerprints, voice and facial features, into your authentication strategy
  • Using these methods alongside other factors such as device recognition and analytics provides security and convenience
  • Leverage Mobile to Authenticate Users - Turn customer mobile phones into credentials for authenticating access to your bank and activity on any channel
  • Future-Ready Mobile SDKs  to start protecting more customers for less and build value. The SDK’s native and user-friendly architecture hides all the complexity of the cryptographic operations


  • Multi-Channel Support: Online, Mobile, ATM/POS, IVR & Branch Offices
  • Single authentication system that enables old, new and next-gen authenticators with only one integration
  • Stop Challenging Good Customers - Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume
  • APIs for Integration and Administration through Web Services, RADIUS & SAML
  • Drive digital transformation by enabling trusted communication with end users and their devices



Financial Transaction & Activity Monitoring


  • Detect, learn and predict fraudulent activity using behavioural analysis and machine learning
  • Analyzes user behaviour and send alerts on any deviations from established regular behavioural patterns
  • Combine This cutting-edge machine intelligence with user-defined analytics, rules, policies and workflows for comprehensive coverage and flexibility
  • Completely Non-Intrusive Deployment
  • Reduce Burden of Alert Management
  • Protect Your Customers with Real-Time Decisioning
  • Dynamic Fraud Detection
  • Common Point of Compromise Detection
  • Combine with Out-Of-band Authentication & Mobile Protection
  • Integrated Case Management and Reporting


     Some of the frauds that can be detected are listed as follows.

  • Debit card theft
  • Debit card cloning
  • ATM/POS skimming
  • Abnormal ATM usage
  • Suspicious activity for recently opened accounts
  • Multiple accounts per IP address
  • New account fraud
  • Fraudulent account opening
  • URL manipulation
  • Compounded risk assessments on multiple changing factors, sequence of events
  • Card-type determination
  • Card order/reorder velocity
  • Card denial history
  • Merchant code rejection/blocking
  • Geo-fencing blocks on/off
  • Usage timing/distance detection
  • Transaction velocity detection
  • Payee deviation from normal
  • Detection of mule accounts
  • Location-based account activity anomalies
  • Transaction amount deviation from normal


We have partnered with Appgate (formerly Easy Solutions) to offer these solutions & services to our esteemed customers.